8 Gifts for the Hardworking Techie

8 Gifts for the Hardworking Techie

Callie Enlow

Art by Eli Miller

Art by Eli Miller

For friends and family whose favorite seat is actually a standing desk, it can be a challenge to find gadgets and gear that are both functional and fun, let alone good for society. But we rounded up a few of our favorite gift ideas for the hacker with a heart of gold. 

Photo via  SeeJaneWork

Photo via SeeJaneWork

Bamboo Desktop Dry-Erase Board

Dry-erase boards are ugly. There, I said it. Except for this one, which is sleek, warm, made of FSC-certified bamboo, and desk-sized. 

Photo via  Q&Q Smile Solar

Photo via Q&Q Smile Solar

Solar Watch

Q&Q Smile Solar, Japanese purveyors of solar-powered timepieces, is already pretty cool. You never need to worry about replacing the battery in their well-crafted wristwatches, the straps and cases are made with recycled material, and the company donates a portion of each sale to Table for Two, an organization that delivers meals to schoolchildren in Africa and Asia. Their RED List line draws awareness to endangered species like the Philippine Crocodile. 

Photo via    EcoReco

Photo via EcoReco

EcoReco S5

Too broke for a Prius? Too lazy to walk? Yeah, we see you. So does EcoReco, a scooter company that purports to get riders from front door to office elevator at speeds up to 20 mph (we’d like to see that). Its eco-friendly lithium iron phosphate battery charges to 80 percent in two hours, and the lightweight frame folds down to be stowed under your desk, cafe table, or Google bus seat. 

Image via    Uncommon Goods

Image via Uncommon Goods


This handblown light sculpture is certainly a bright idea. The LED lightbulb will last up to 10,000 hours and the cord-free design makes it easy to find a place for the nifty double-walled glass lamp.

Photo via  Salvage Audio

Photo via Salvage Audio

Wood Desk Speaker

Every one of these mod reclaimed wood desk speakers comes with a story. For instance, the pictured speaker was made with Redwood that used to fence in a rambunctious bulldog named Ralph in the 1970s. Each hi-fidelity speaker comes with built-in Bluetooth and an auxiliary cable, but if it doesn’t live up to your expectations, Salvage Audio offers a two-month “common sense” guarantee. One word of advice: get your orders in ASAP for holiday gifts, these handcrafted beauties are made to order. 

Upcycled Doritos Messenger Bag

These small messengers are made of the presumably endless amount of used nacho cheese-flavored Doritos chip bags floating around the world’s landfills. The creators, Terracycle (a.k.a. an industrial waste management company), will also recycle your upcycled bag once you’ve had your fill of the cheesy snack pack. 


Photo via Wraps headphones

Photo via Wraps headphones

Wristband Headphones

For that coworker who spends 10 minutes every morning untangling her headphones, this solution will make her instantly more productive. The braided fabric-covered cord winds around the wrist and comes in a range of colors. For a few dollars more, you can upgrade to a version with a microphone.  

Photo via iStock

Photo via iStock

Donation to Venture for America

You’re so proud of your son or daughter hacking away at their starter up or whatever it is they’re tweetering about all the time. But you hate they had to leave Missouri to do it. Consider gifting a donation to Venture for America, which supports entrepreneurs in areas far outside Silicon Valley by connecting recent college graduates with startups in cities like Pittsburgh, Detroit, and St. Louis for a two-year fellowship. Afterward, VFA supports program grads as they start businesses of their own, often in their fellowship city.

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