Podcast: The Bottom Line

Podcast: The Bottom Line

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If you've ever wondered about the issues keeping corporate executives up at night (or, perhaps, how they can sleep at night) The Bottom Line, a new podcast from Capital & Main hosted by the Drucker Institute's Rick Wartzman, is a great way to gain some insight. Wartzman grills guests like Unilever CEO Paul Polman, former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich, and Time Inc.'s Alan Murray, on how businesses pursue socially conscious goals.

Their latest episode is posted below, and you can explore previous episodes on their show page or via iTunes.  


Episode 24: Upending the Nation's Financial Giants With Beneficial State Bank's Kat Taylor

Featured interview with Kat Taylor, co-founder and CEO of Beneficial State Bank. Megan Kamerick reports on why front-line bank jobs are generally so miserable.
Karan Chopra explores the need for employers and educators to build new bridges in an era of lifelong learning.


previous episodes ...


Episode 23: Examining the Rise of the Social Enterprise With Deloitte's Erica Volini

Featured interview with Erica Volini, U.S. Human Capital leader for Deloitte Consulting. Marty Goldensohn reports on BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s call for companies to show how they’re making a “positive contribution to society.” Natalie Foster comments on how the retail industry is being decimated by avarice, not just Amazon.



Episode 22: Battling Income Inequality With Second Avenue Partners' Nick Hanauer

Featured interview with Nick Hanauer, co-founder of Second Avenue Partners. Larry Buhl reports on the steady erosion of overtime pay in America. Karan Chopra explains how great social benefits can result when “agents of innovation” combine with “agents of scale.”


Episode 21: Becoming a High-Road Employment Model With Managed by Q's Dan Teran

Featured interview with Dan Teran, co-founder and CEO of Managed by Q. Molly Nugent reports on MIT professor Zeynep Ton's Good Jobs Strategy. Natalie Foster explores why the basic income experiment underway in Stockton, Calif., is so significant.



Episode 20: Eating Right With Naturade's Claude Tellis and Kareem Cook

Featured interview with Naturade CEO Claude Tellis and Kareem Cook, the company's chief marketing officer. Bridget Huber reports on Impact America Fund’s efforts to help improve low- to moderate-income areas. Karan Chopra lays out what small rice farmers in West Africa can teach American business leaders.



Episode 19: Finding the Perfect Career With Sokanu's Spencer Thompson

Featured interview with Spencer Thompson, founder and president of Sokanu. Bridget Huber reports on the skills that today’s teens will need to succeed in the workplace of tomorrow. Natalie Foster explores how and why the private sector is starting to make real strides on paid parental leave.



Episode 18: Making the Planet Cleaner and Greener With Angeleno Group's Daniel Weiss

Featured interview with Daniel Weiss, managing partner at Angeleno Group. Marty Goldensohn reports on Coca-Cola’s “World Without Waste” sustainable packaging campaign. Rachel Schneider ponders whether the United States can ever have lasting full employment.



Episode 17: Transforming the Healthcare Marketplace With Pager's Walter Jin

Featured interview with Pager CEO Walter Jin. Megan Kamerick reports on the mental-health app Woebot. Kanyi Maqubela explores the fine line "between exploitative and empowering” in consumer finance.


Episode 16: Taming the Ups and Downs of Workers' Incomes With Even's Quinten Farmer

Featured interview with Quinten Farmer, co-founder and chief operating officer at Even. Molly Nugent reports on one woman’s struggles to cope with her own financial instability. Rachel Schneider examines how our assumptions about gender are shaping the future of work.


Episode 15: Exploring the Perils and Promise of High Tech With
O'Reilly Media's Tim O'Reilly

Featured interview with O'Reilly Media CEO Tim O'Reilly. Bridget Huber reports on how we seem to be facing less the rise of robot overlords and more the rise of robot coworkers. Kanyi Maqubela considers whether censorship in China is as much about business as it is about politics.


Episode 14: Meeting the Needs of Today’s—and Tomorrow’s—Small Business Owners With Thumbtack’s Marco Zappacosta

Featured interview with Thumbtack CEO Marco Zappacosta. Larry Buhl reports on why entrepreneurship in America has been on the decline for decades. Rachel Schneider comments on the terrible toll exacted by the financial volatility that many families experience.


Episode 13: Restoring Worker Power at a Time of Union Decline With the SEIU's David Rolf

Featured interview with David Rolf, president of Local 775 of the
Service Employees International Union. Marty Goldensohn reports on the state of employee stock ownership plans. Kanyi Maqubela reflects on why the toughest obstacle facing driverless cars is psychological, not technical.


Episode 12: Understanding How Private Equity Has Lost Its Way With Leo Hindery of InterMedia Partners

Featured interview with Leo Hindery, managing partner of InterMedia Partners.
Larry Buhl reports on efforts by a group of wealthy individuals called the Patriotic Millionaires to battle income inequality. Rachel Schneider explores why we need to develop new indicators that measure people’s overall financial health, not just their creditworthiness.


Bonus Episode: Getting a Second Chance With Gretchen Peterson of Dave's Killer Bread and the Anti-Recidivism Coalition's Scott Budnick

Featured interviews with Gretchen Peterson, the director of human resources at Dave’s Killer Bread, and Hollywood producer turned prison-reform advocate Scott Budnick. Lily Bowles, sustainability officer at Aspiration, examines which companies are exemplary when it comes to hiring a diverse workforce.


Episode 11: Building the Mother of All Job-Matching Platforms With LinkedIn's Allen Blue

Megan Kamerick reports on a national network called TechHire, which is forging pathways for overlooked Americans to gain skills and access to technical jobs. Dorian Warren shares his take on how Donald Trump is betraying the working-class communities that he vowed to fight for. 


Episode 10: Enjoying Plant-Based Burgers (That Don't Taste Like Hockey Pucks) With Beyond Meat's Ethan Brown and Ray Lane

Ernest Savage reports on how a startup called Milk and Eggs is trying to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to food deserts. Natalie Foster explores why the Independent Drivers Guild in New York represents an important new form of collective worker power.


Episode 9: Turning Service Jobs Into Good Jobs With Hello Alfred’s Marcela Sapone

Featured interview with Hello Alfred CEO Marcela Sapone. Ernest Savage reports on efforts by the National Domestic Workers Alliance to create good jobs in sectors that haven’t traditionally had them. Dorian Warren casts a skeptical eye on the mad rush by one city after another to attract Amazon’s new headquarters.


Brian Walker via Capital & Main

Brian Walker via Capital & Main

Episode 8: Creating the Office of Tomorrow With Herman Miller's Brian Walker

Featured interview with Herman Miller CEO Brian Walker. Marty Goldensohn reports on how employers are trying to tackle the “privacy crisis” in open offices. Natalie Foster explains why now is the time for a big, bold expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit for the working poor.


via Capital & Main

via Capital & Main

Episode 7: Peeking Behind the Corporate Curtain With CSRHub's Cynthia Figge

Featured interview with CSRHub CEO Cynthia Figge. Megan Kamerick reports on the growth of social impact investing, including among major charitable foundations. Dorian Warren explores Silicon Valley's "invisible workforce."


Albert Wenger, courtesy of Capital & Main

Albert Wenger, courtesy of Capital & Main

Episode 6: Entering the Knowledge Age With Union Square Ventures' Albert Wenger

Featured interview with Albert Wenger, partner at Union Square Ventures. Robin Urevich reports on what many see as a model for a universal basic income—Alaska's Permanent Fund Dividend. Natalie Foster examines how the Affordable Care Act has been a boon for entrepreneurship.


Special Edition: The Business Response to Trump’s Both-Sidesism on Charlottesville With Mike Jackson of 2050 Marketing

via Capital & Main

via Capital & Main

Episode 5: Reimagining the Workplace With Business Talent Group's Jody Miller

Featured interview with Business Talent Group CEO Jody Miller. Marty Goldensohn reports on a policy aimed at helping the growing ranks of gig workers: portable benefits. Sandra Smith explores why many of those seeking work in poor African American communities struggle to get job referrals from family and friends.

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