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5 Things to Know Today: March 15, 2017

In case you missed it, a meat startup just served the first ever lab-grown chicken at an event in San Francisco (and it was yummy). The Federal Reserve raised interest rates again, and around the world coding “dojos” are teaching thousands of kids how to program apps and robots. 

5 Things to Know Today: February 23, 2017

News today includes a new social enterprise called Good Spread that’s helping people affected by the famine in South Sudan. Speaking of famine, scientists are trying out new vegetables that can be grown in any weather condition. Also, farms are going solar as electricity prices skyrocket. 

5 Things to Know Today: Valentine's Day, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget to give your favorite people extra love today, but also you should know about the "love insurance" policies that are a thing in China, the letter Bill and Melinda Gates sent to Warren Buffett (no, it wasn't a love note), and the weird history of Valentine's Day that makes 50 Shades Darker look like Love, Actually

5 Things to Know Today: January 12, 2017

In case you missed it, it’s raining in California and aside from people freaking out and rain boots being virtually impossible to find, this is good news for the drought-stricken state. Other news includes money advice from Wild author Cheryl Strayed, and a new project, called “Bank in a Can,” that will bring banking services to remote parts of Africa.