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5 Things to Know Today: Super Bowl Monday Edition [+VIDEOS]

In case you missed it (which you didn’t), the Patriots made the comeback of a lifetime last night, and Tom Brady set a new record winning five Super Bowl championships. What you MIGHT have missed, however, are a few commercials with not-so-subtle messaging. They made us laugh, they made tingle, but most of all, they made us think about the world we live in, and our responsibility to make that world a better place. That being said, here are five things you might have missed during the Super Bowl (that you actually care about).

5 Things to Know Today: January 19, 2017

In case you missed it, both individual families and large corporations are stepping up their sustainability game. Earlier this week, Unilever announced plans to make all of their plastic packaging recyclable or compostable, and Procter & Gamble is creating a recyclable shampoo bottle that’s made out of recycled beach plastic. Meanwhile, a family in LA has created a zero-waste homestead in her backyard, asserting that change has to start at the basic level.