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Friday Good News Roundup: March 10, 2017

TGIF! Here’s what you need to know going into the weekend: if you’re terrified of a robot apocalypse, maybe you should chill; NASA is gearing up to grow food on Mars; and Elon Musk promised an Australian state that he'd solve their power problems in 100 days. 

Friday Good News Roundup: March 3, 2017

Happy Friday! If you want something to make you smile, check out what George W. Bush says about his friendship with Michelle Obama. Also, there’s a new lemur facial recognition device to satisfy all of your cute goals for the weekend, and kids open up about how they REALLY feel about the American Girl’s new boy doll in an enlightening video. 

Friday Good News Roundup: February 24, 2017

Amid all of the crazy headlines we've seen this week, you may have missed some good news. For example, three new Tesla "gigafactories" are being planned, a farm is integrating AI for some pretty cool results, and if you want to visit every country in the world, a record-breaking 20-something shares her tips on how to save. In more global news, if you hate 30-second, un-skippable ads, your YouTube experience is going to get a whole lot better. 

Friday Good News Roundup: February 10, 2017

This Good News Roundup is for the environmentally conscious human that hates paying utility bills. The good news is, you don't have to! Or, at least there's a totally legal way around it, and it's not a bad option. Also, Lush Cosmetics is keeping farmers in Japan afloat during tough times, and if you hate your job, there's an awesome opportunity you're not going to believe is real. 

Friday Good News Roundup: February 3, 2017

In case you missed it, activism is officially the new sexy, and we’re expecting Super Bowl commercials to be rated X, Boy Scouts are now allowing transgender scouts into their club, and a new nonprofit is helping get the homeless community “back on their feet” through running.

Friday Good News Roundup: January 27, 2017

What a week! If you’re looking for some good news, you should know that “baby boxes” that help prevent sudden infant death syndrome in babies are coming to America, there’s an app that’s letting African small businesses raise money, and a 9-year-old is helping Chicago’s homeless from the back of a pickup truck. 

Friday Good News Roundup: January 20, 2017

Do you need some good news going into the weekend? Read Obama’s farewell—it’s a love letter to America. Also, three brothers made some beautiful sculptures out of snow to raise money for clean water, a six-year-old set up a free toy stand for the less fortunate, and a 101-year-old woman shares the secret to a long life. 

Friday Good News Roundup: January 13, 2017

The most surprising good news of the week is that 2016 actually didn’t suck, despite what you might think. Other news to make you smile includes a letter sent by the Bush twins to Malia and Sasha Obama and a new documentary honoring the 153 Lesvos villagers who saved thousands of Syrian refugees.