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5 Things to Know Today: March 20, 2017

In case you missed it, Orlando wants to turn the entire city into a theme park for self-driving vehicles. Also, a new startup is redefining the word “priceless” and letting you invest in it, and the 2017’s 10 happiest countries in the world list is different than last year’s. 

5 Things to Know Today: March 15, 2017

In case you missed it, a meat startup just served the first ever lab-grown chicken at an event in San Francisco (and it was yummy). The Federal Reserve raised interest rates again, and around the world coding “dojos” are teaching thousands of kids how to program apps and robots. 

5 Things to Know Today: March 14, 2017

In case you missed it, Health Warrior is giving back to the indigenous Mexican people that inspired their protein bars. Also, a University of Southern California professor became the first African American to head up one of the Fed’s reserve banks, and new urban "wind trees" can generate electricity from a city breeze.

5 Things to Know Today: March 13, 2017

The Ides of March are upon us, and that means people around the country are filling in their March Madness brackets. If you’re too busy researching the Cinderella picks this year to read the news, you should know about the tiny cork home you can set up almost anywhere. Also, if you want to feel more connected to your community, consider bartering. 

Friday Good News Roundup: March 10, 2017

TGIF! Here’s what you need to know going into the weekend: if you’re terrified of a robot apocalypse, maybe you should chill; NASA is gearing up to grow food on Mars; and Elon Musk promised an Australian state that he'd solve their power problems in 100 days. 

5 Things to Know Today: March 8, 2017

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate, a company in New York installed a statue of a fierce little girl standing in front of the Wall Street bull. Meanwhile, Nike is making an activewear hijab for female Muslim athletes, and the top 10 countries to live as a woman.